Boy Scout Troop 12
Chartered on July 26, 1926
Sponsored by the Men's Chapman Bible Class, First United Methodist Church, Tupelo, Miss.
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The 700th Consecutive Monthly Campout for Troop 12!

November 6-8, 2009 at the Lee County Agri-Center Verona, MS.

Troop 12 started its tradition of camping out once a month, every month, in 1951 and November 2009 marks 700 consecutive months of camping!

Troop 12 had a party! We camped alongside the Yocona Area Council's "Camporee".

Campout #700 Activities

The troop camped on the grounds of the Lee County Agri-Center in Verona. There was a great fireworks display, static displays of antique military vehicles, a monkey bridge, tom-a-hawk throwing and tons more. We got to see a Bomb disposal robot and talk to expert scuba diving trainers and diving salvage and Search and Rescue guys.


Saturday evening, November 7 from 6:30 to 8:00 in the Agri-Center's Magnolia Hall, we had a banquet- a get-together with good food and good people. Current troop members and Eagles were invited to share their stories or lessons learned. There was a slide show of photos taken at campouts and summer camps over the last few years. Troop 12 has a rich heritage, and our traditions should be perpetuated. Dinner was catered by BBQ by Jim! We all ate well and enjoyed the company. A group photo was made of the banquet attendees.

Eason Fund

At the 500th campout in 1993, an endowment fund named after Paul Eason was started. This fund is to be used for “scholarships” to send worthy scouts on trips who cannot afford to pay for the trips themselves. This fund will also be used for special projects as designated by a special committee of Troop 12. This is done to honor Paul Eason who has given his life to Troop 12. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to add to the Eason fund. If 100 individuals will give $100 each, we can make this goal.
Camping or not, a gift to the Eason Fund is always appreciated.

Troop 12 Eagles

We're trying to get in touch with as many Troop 12 Eagles and alumni as possible. Will you please help us out by talking to your friends who have ties to Troop 12? Currently, there are 390 Troop 12 Eagles. If you would like a list of all the Eagles, please send an e-mail to . It is available in text (TXT) form.

If you prefer to pay "off-line", please make checks payable to Boy Scout Troop 12. Our mailing address is:

Boy Scout Troop 12

P.O. Box 312

Tupelo, MS 38802